Terry Malts' "I Do" NPR's Song Of The Day.


Terry Malts' "I Do" off recently released Killing Time album was NPR's Song Of The Day today!

Published April 4th 2012:
" Similar sounds can evoke disparate influences, so it's as easy to connect the band Terry Malts with the classic punk of the Ramones as it is with its contemporaries in a group like Surfer Blood. When it comes down to it, though, Terry Malts' debut, Killing Time, simply carries on a noble tradition of music that's all-around fun — fun to listen to, fun to move along with and, above all, fun to make.

Thriving in a wide assortment of San Francisco-area bands that do their best to blur the lines separating garage, punk and classic rock 'n' roll, Terry Malts emerged from the ashes of Magic Bullets, a seven-year-long, less hard-driving rock project that left each member wanting to cut loose and enjoy himself.

Striking a blow against negativity, "I Do" is Terry Malts saying "yes." It's a defensive-minded mantra against the world's naysayers, turning the matrimonial phrase into a panacea for pessimism. Don't read too far between the lines, because the answer is simple: "When I start to feel like they might be right / I close my eyes and I just squeeze you tighter." - words by Will Butler.

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