Stereogum Digs KEN Mode.


Stereogum is fully on board with KEN Mode's latest album Venerable."Venerable is one of the best records of 2011, bar none", it doesn't get much better than that.

Originally posted on Stereogum's Haunting The Chapel column 3/8/11:

"Veteran Winnipeg noise-rock trio KEN mode’s Kurt Ballou-produced fourth album Venerable is one of the best records of 2011, bar none. (It’s also their best record since forming in 1999.) The brothers vocalist/guitarist Jesse and drummer Shane Matthewson are joined by (another) new bassist Thérèse Lanz on this one — and everything clicks. From opener “Book Of Muscle” to closer “Make Shark,” KEN mode mix AmRep toughness with heavy, doom-y melodies and angular, chiseled hardcore that pummels as well as it sticks easily, comfortably in your head. It’s worth knowing the Matthewson brothers are both accountants  — they’re good with numbers. That, and frontman Jesse’s in a Muay Thai fighting training regimen — there’s a ripped, well-honed stamina here. As Jesse says in a press release, “A lot of bands are obsessed with a life of excess, we prefer to eat Thai food and discuss the latest scientific breakthroughs.” Think David Yow doing crunches, Unsane with more swing, a dirtier Helmet, a younger/hungrier (and Canadian) Today Is The Day. According to my iTunes I’ve listened to Venerable more than anything else this year."

Sample songs or purchase Venerable on CD HERE.

Mp3 download available on March 15th, 2011

Upcoming live dates HERE.