Sharon Van Etten In The New York Times.


Posted on Ben Sisario's Playlist in the New York Times Music section last week:

" Any potential suitors, beware: treat Sharon Van Etten  right or she will compose a song that spells out her feelings in waves of smoldering harmonies, the kind that usually indicate the rawest kind of honesty. On “One Day,” the first single from her coming album, “Epic” (Ba Da Bing), she tries to outmaneuver a tentative lover by standing steadily by him, the track’s tambourine and twangy guitar invoking you-and-me-babe late-’60s country-folk. Elsewhere on the album she recalls being chained to an addict’s wall “like a dog.” Like Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak or her fellow Brooklynite Holly Miranda, Ms. Van Etten has an incandescent, moaning alto that can be fragile or vengeful. Reserving some of the harshest words for herself, she swears, “To say the things I want to say to you would be a crime.” But she says them anyway. "

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